We at The Magic Lantern are experts in achieving the excellence in Audio/Visual projects that our clientele demand from us. We also excel at changing with the ever fluctuating landscape of the rapidly digitizing of the museum interactive world, as well as the changes in video technology. We can help elevate your museum or business with the latest tech at our disposal and with an ability to problem solve unique issues that will make a more fulfilling experience for you and your visitor. Look at our projects page to see some examples of how we have brought numerous visions to life using skills that we have been developing since 1973.

Robert Rutkowski Creative Director of the Magic Lantern
Robert Rutkowski

Creative Director

and Owner

Bob Rutkowski started the Magic Lantern in 1973 after he returned from his service in Vietnam. Bob has worked for 47 years to bring his knowledge and expertise to each project he works on, and is dogged in his pursuit of a finished product that exceeds the client's expectation.

Greg Kurkjan, Producer for the Magic Lantern
Greg Kurkjan



Greg Kurkjan has worked at The Magic Lantern for many years making sure that clients are satisfied and new business comes in. The point man for the company, Greg will often be the first person you will meet from The Magic Lantern.

Matthew Rutkowski, Production Manager for the Magic Lantern
Matthew Rutkowski

Production Manager

Joining The Magic Lantern 3 years ago, Matt Rutkowski provides valuable support to Bob Rutkowski. Graduating with a degree in video post-production from Temple University, Matt has proven to be a valuable addition to the company.