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Video Production Museum Exhibits
4D Theaters and More

At The Magic Lantern we never sit still. We started making movies in the days of film and Moviolas, lived through the days of analog, and now we have the power of digital video production. Today we use computers to produce not just movies, but memorable interactive exhibits. But, we've never forgotten how to make a good movie, Indeed, we use our filmmaking skills to make our new offerings of Rail Simulators and 4D-Theaters better. Ever changing, ever ready and ever looking for our next challenge we are ready for yours.

Video Production in Elk Country Visitor's Center
Video Production

The Core of our business revolves around our video production experience. Everything we make has some aspect of movie making in it. We are able to produce movies from script to screen and beyond. Tell us a concept and we will turn it into a movie people won't forget. 

4D Theaters for Drake's Well Museum

Our 4D theaters enhance the traditional movie theater experience with a range of immersive effects like scents, vibrating seats, lighting effects, wind, rain and practical mechanical effects. We produce the films and design, install and automate the effects that go with them.

Museum Exhibit Touchscreen for Hot Rod Association
Museum Exhibits

We have had the opportunity for the last couple of decades to work with a variety of museums and historical sites to design and build numerous museum exhibits. Our work includes touchscreen interactives, documentaries and unique installations, like our Rail Simulators.


We stand behind the exhibits we produce and install. Just as important to many of our clients is our willingness to dive into exhibits produced by others, sometimes 20 or 25 years old, and upgrade or repair them.

Trolley Simulator

Using our know how from video production and electronics, we are able to make train and trolley simulators without having to program a massive computer program. Instead you will get simulators that use the actual controls of the vehicle while being cost effective. Who knows, maybe a cow will show up on the tracks too.

Drager Corprate Projects

We bring our storytelling expertise to corporate clients, delivering engaging internal and commercial videos.

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