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We’ve Been Telling Stories Through Video Production For 50 years

Located in Pittsburgh, PA. The Magic Lantern is a full-service, in-house video production company.

Video Production and Interactive Media Services

From concept to screen, the Magic Lantern creates immersive, captivating experiences. 

We bring stories to life through the form of video, interactive museum exhibits, and simulators.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell, We Want To Tell Yours!

Here at The Magic Lantern, we’re always trying to push a project further than its original bounds.

Team Magic Lantern

Our ability to adapt is what makes us unique. Because of that adaptation, we are able to offer a variety of specialized services.

Full-Service Video Production

Our roots as a company are in video production. Over the last 50 years, as we’ve expanded our services and widened our expertise, video is still a vital part of everything we do. 


At the Magic Lantern, we write, shoot, edit and do all post-production work in-house.  As well as create the final presentation of the video and build ways to display the content. For instance, we are able to program touchscreen interactives to let visitors interact and choose the video content we have made.

drone footage pittsburgh

We lend our video production skills to a few different industries:

Historical Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Immersive Video Production


Check Out Some of Our Work

Interactive Museum Exhibits

We work with museums in the Pittsburgh, PA area and around the nation, doing exhibition design, production, and installation. 


A unique aspect of our museum work is being able to take historical and educational videos we’ve produced, and integrate the video content into touch-screen displays. Visitors can explore several of our videos in one touch screen display. 


Historical research is another avenue of museum work that we do. Museums will come to us with partial research they have done for a historical event, more often than not we will take research and explore the subject further to create video content for the client.

interactive Museum Exhibit production
museum exhibit video
Trolley and Train Simulator video production
Trolley and Train Simulators

Trolley and Train Simulators

We provide museum visitors with interactive, immersive experiences. Our trolley and train simulator exhibits give people a chance to experience what driving a trolley would be like. 


Using our know-how from video production and electronics, we are able to make train and trolley simulators without having to program a massive computer program. Instead, visitors will get to experience simulators that use the actual controls of the trolley while being cost-effective. Who knows, maybe a cow will show up on the tracks too.

Design & Production of 4D Theaters

Design & Production of 4D Theaters

Our 4D theaters enhance the traditional movie theater experience with a range of immersive effects like scents, vibrating seats, lighting effects, wind, rain, and practical mechanical effects. We produce the films and design, install and automate the effects that go with them.

Museum Exhibit Simulator Repair & Upgrades

Museum Exhibit Repair & Upgrades

We stand behind the exhibits we produce and install. Just as important to many of our clients is our willingness to dive into exhibits produced by others, sometimes 20 or 25 years old, and upgrade or repair them.

Professional camera closeup The Magic Lantern

Using Our 50 years of Experience, The Magic Lantern Will Make Your Vision A Reality

From scripting to filming and editing we work with clients through every stage of production. We also have the unique ability to go even further and create the final presentation of the video and build ways to display the content.

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