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Touchscreen Interactives

Prosperous Johnstown

In preparation for a re-do of the Johnstown Flood Museum, we created this touchscreen interactive to show our abilities in the program Intuiface. It shows the flexibility we have in the program.

NHRA Database

Made in the program Intuiface, this touchscreen interactive stored all of the National Hot Rod Association's driver data. You can search the database and watch videos and see pictures of drivers. Intuiface also has a setting where you can update the database by using an Excel spreadsheet.

The Great Lakes Through The Centuries Exhibit

The Great Lakes Through The Centuries exhibit began as an update of an existing exhibit to future proof it against the end of Adobe Flash support, but it developed into a much more complex exhibit. Working with HTML5 we were able to add functions that weren't in the previous exhibit and provide a smoother and more stable experience for the visitor. The video below shows an overview of the exhibit that lets you explore the maps of the Great Lakes through the centuries.

Fred Rogers ADA Update

We recently completed an update to The Fred Rogers center that included making the exhibit Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. The touchscreen interactives were updated with new programs and a new design, and a lower second touchscreen was added to make it more accessible. Captions were also added to all videos.


Accessibility is often over looked in our world, and we were proud to help The Fred Rogers Center be a place for everyone. 

The Gardiner Photos Exhibit

The Gardiner Photo exhibit is a program that allows visitors to compare photos of Mackinac Island from close to 100 years ago to modern photos to see how the island has changed. We used HTML5 and Jquery to bring this to life

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